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The Clumsy Bat


Carla is a beautiful Yuma Bat who lives in the attic of a one hundred year-old schoolhouse. Carla uses echolocation to navigate safely and hunt for food. She is a graceful and skilled Yuma. Then, one mysterious night, Carla becomes clumsy! What happened to Carla’s radar system? And can it be fixed? Follow Carla through a series of mishaps that unfortunately lead to her capture. Will Carla escape? And will she, once again, be the beautiful, graceful Yuma Bat she was?


Peachland Bats In The Schoolhouse Attic

In 1908 a school was constructed at the water’s edge of Lake Okanagan in Peachland, British Columbia. It was built as a community school for all ages, and over time, changed to a High School, Elementary School, and eventually a Primary School. In 2002 it was closed. Windows and doors were boarded shut and it sat dormant, or so it seemed. Upon the decision to renovate the historic building a maternity colony of approximately 2,000 bats was discovered inhabiting the attic. In 2013 the schoolhouse reopened as the Peachland Historic Primary School, a community building where people co-habituate with bats. Visit the historic site to learn more about bat species and to view Peachland Bats in the schoolhouse attic. The Peachland Chamber of Commerce became host to Peachland Bats Educational and Conservation Program. This book series was created to assist in their initiative.

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