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Baby Bats Don't Hatch From Eggs

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Sebastian was a newborn bat pup living in the attic of the old yellow schoolhouse. More than anything, Sebastian wanted to fly like the bigger bats, but he was too young. Typically, female bats roosting in the schoolhouse kept their pups safely inside when flying off to feed at night. But, one night, knowing how anxious Sebastian was to fly, Mother Bat decided to take Sebastian with her. Mother Bat tucked Sebastian safely under wing and flew out of the attic roost. That was not a good idea! It was the start of a scary adventure , where, before too long, Sebastian was alone and frightened.

Sebastian heard strange cracking noises all around and saw two black eyes glaring at him! What were those weird sounds and who was glaring at him? Where was he? But more important, where was Mother Bat?

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